• US Department of Defense Computer Software: Novel Capabilities Boost Robust Growth
    Software modernization to enable data collection, rapid analysis and sharing has become the battlefield imperative

    Research Overview

    This Frost & Sullivan research service focuses on US Department of Defense (DoD) computer software program spending and contracts. The DoD makes extensive use of computer software for both enterprise business functions and specialized combat mission systems. It has approved a software modernization strategy that is ensuring stable budgets, improved acquisition, and faster delivery of software upgrades. Software improvements will help meet data sharing priorities and give the DoD a competitive advantage in the future.

    The department seeks to quickly field software by direct purchase and, when necessary, custom development. Leadership understands the necessity of delivering software capability at the speed of relevance and is building internal coding capability and expanding external software services.

    Instead of piecemeal, organization-specific software requirements and purchasing, the DoD is adopting an enterprise-wide approach emphasizing industry partnerships and internal development. Though the DoD computer software market is mature, some new implementation processes are underway.


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