• Sensor Materials, Processing, and Fabrication: Future Growth Potential Unveiled
    Monolithic integration and self-assembling processes drive advancements in the fabrication and the processing of sensors

    Research Overview

    The sensors market is expanding, and it is regarded as one of the most promising areas in the semiconductor industry. Sensor technology is an evolving discipline that holds the potential to significantly improve the performance, durability, maintenance, and applicability of many engineering projects. Material science and engineering advancements have opened up opportunities for the development of new and sophisticated sensors. Material selection is the first step in the sensor fabrication process. This is a critical technological decision with far-reaching implications for subsequent fabrication stages.

    Both nanomanufacturing and nanofabrication are used in the development of 1D/2D/3D nanoparticles; they offer high operability and complex crystal structures and can be used in various applications such as healthcare, photonics, consumer electronics, and energy. Nanofabrication is the practice of incorporating small objects into larger objects to enable special functionalities such as the inclusion of graphene materials in sensor devices.


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