• RNA Stabilization & Delivery: Technological Advances Accelerate Growth Prospects
    LNP- and bioconjugation-based nonviral RNA delivery technologies to gain momentum in the next 3 years

    Research Overview

    RNA therapeutics is a rapidly expanding field of next-generation medicine. RNA therapy typically comprises 4 different classes of molecules: non-codingRNA (ncRNA), antisense oligonucleotide (ASO), messengerRNA (mRNA), and RNA aptamer. Small ncRNAs are like a double-edged sword; they can either up- or down-regulate specific genes. Contrarily, long ncRNA can act as miRNA cushions, thereby indirectly affecting the gene expression. Both small and long ncRNAs have been shown to be essential in the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. They could be easily designed for both druggable and non-druggable targets of small-molecule drugs. ASOs are typically single stranded and exhibit the characteristics of small ncRNAs. mRNA is being used as a vaccine candidate in the last two years, rather than drug molecules. RNA aptamers typically bind to protein molecules, thereby directly influencing their function.


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