• Novel Growth Opportunities in the Global Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Sector
    WAAM exhibits the potential to manufacture slow-moving, large parts

    Research Overview

    Powder bed fusion (PBF) and DED are widely used metal AM technologies. While PBF can print complicated parts with high finish, the technology has limitations with respect to build speed and part size. Conversely, DED technologies provide lower surface quality and higher build rate; in addition, they can produce and repair large-sized parts, on demand.

    LMD is a widely used DED process for maintenance and repair. However, in recent years, WAAM has gained traction due to its ability to produce large parts at a faster build rate. Moreover, the technology relies on cheaply available welding wire feedstock, thereby reducing the cost of 3D printed parts. In the near term, WAAM is poised to play a critical role in the supply chains of slow-moving, large parts by printing crucial parts, on demand. This technology and innovation research service offers insight into WAAM technology growth opportunities. The study focuses on WAAM benefits, related R&D trends, funding trends, and high-impact industries.


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