• Future Growth Prospects of Drug Discovery with the Advancements in Omics Technologies
    Emerging omics platforms drive precision drug discovery

    Research Overview

    For a long time, drug discovery followed the same path and used conventional analysis methods for proposed targets. Today, changes in technology and the ability to study omics are transforming drug development. Personalized therapy is on the rise and promises to be more effective and efficient in addressing challenges. With growing interest in personalized and precision medicine, drug development is an area of interest for pharmaceutical players, regulatory bodies, and ordinary people. The existing scenario of one drug for one disease and all patient populations under the category does not fit anymore.

    Integrating the latest science and technology will enhance knowledge from traditional drug discovery and take pharmaceutical discoveries to the next level. Omics provides granular information that was nearly impossible to obtain and understand in the past, offering data on gene expression, patient cohort, and predictive drug response for proposed drugs. Developments in omics and AI also enable the visualization of disease-drug models.


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