• How will Smart Electronics and Spectral Imaging Technologies Drive Growth in Food Traceability and Safety?
    Rapid pathogen detection and the convergence of testing methods ensure future growth potential of food contaminant tracking and detection

    Research Overview

    Food contaminants pose a major challenge to the entire F&B industry value chain, impacting food producers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, food safety has become a priority, with constantly evolving requirements for traceability, rapid detection, and source identification. Current tracking methods do not cover the entire value chain or adjacent sectors. Stringent food safety regulations boost the demand for advanced technologies that will track food sources, contaminants, or products on a global scale for better safety and export-import trade, and to minimize product recalls.

    The preference for cost-effective compact electronics is opening up new avenues of inter-industry digital technology integration for food safety. Digital tools, data analytics, and electronic chips are transforming food safety by enhancing traceability, source tracking, and contaminant identification, thereby enabling preventive measures rather than existing interventional strategies.


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