• Wind Services Sector: Future Growth Potential Powered by Technological Innovations
    Increasing adoption of digital technologies and technological innovations to drive the global wind services market

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    Continued concerns over increasing carbon emissions and the need to mitigate climate change have forced governments to accelerate investments in renewable energy. Wind and solar energy, in particular, are expected to play a crucial role in the global race toward decarbonization. Over the last ten years, wind energy capacity additions have gained momentum worldwide. Wind energy has become one of the fastest-growing energy sources and one of the most economical solutions for electricity generation.

    As wind energy grows, the demand for operations and maintenance (O&M) services increases, to maintain the wind power fleet and keep turbines spinning and producing clean energy without any disturbance. O&M plays a crucial role in the wind energy industry and ensures the long-term sustainability and growth of wind power worldwide. In addition, the aftersales and service business continues to be an increasingly important source of revenue for OEMs and independent service providers (ISPs). The wind service business is now fully recognized as an important business opportunity worldwide and will continue to grow, with new capacity additions coming online.


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