• Global Oil and Gas Automation: Growth Opportunities and Prospects Unveiled
    Disruptive technologies driving efficiency, safety, and sustainability

    Research Overview

    The global oil and gas market is currently going through an unprecedented transformation, triggered by efforts to reduce carbon emissions and rely on more renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources. The digitalization and automation of processes accompanying this shift represent enormous opportunities, and the market is poised to witness significant growth in the years ahead. Spurred by technology innovation, the automation market will play a critical role in driving the efficiency and safety of the global oil and gas market.

    This study takes a detailed look at the growth dynamics of the oil and gas automation market for upstream operations, with a specific focus on 4 main segments: operational technologies, which includes distributed control systems, programmable logic controllers, electronics manufacturing services, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, and others; the Internet of Things; robotics; and artificial intelligence.

    The study also includes market sizing and revenue forecasts, competitive analysis, regional analysis, segmentation by technology, and a full assessment of the key trends driving growth and influencing future market opportunities.


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