• Innovative Growth Prospects for Advanced Clinical Decision Support Platforms
    Leveraging digital solutions for improving diagnostics and clinical decision workflow

    Research Overview

    Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) provide actionable information for improving the decision making abilities of the health professionals. However, the traditional CDSS platforms have drawbacks such as alert fatigue, diagnostic errors, workflow disruptions that can have detrimental effect on patients’ health outcomes as well as healthcare providers’ profitability. These limitations have necessitated the development of advanced CDSS tools that use technologies, such as natural language processing, machine learning, and dynamic and interactive algorithms that not only help in improving quality of care delivery for the patients, but also enhances hospitals’ bottom line.

    This growth opportunity-technology (GO-TE) report covers the technology developments in advanced CDSS, the utility of these platforms and various growth opportunities for the industry. The report covers innovations in advanced CDSS platforms that are being implemented in healthcare settings including clinical guidelines and evidence-based solutions, medical workflow solutions, and point-of-care solutions.

    The scope of this GO-TE is global. This GO-TE studies some of the path breaking innovators in this space and the technology readiness levels.


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