• Breakthrough Innovations Pave Way for New Growth Opportunities in Digital Dentistry
    Leveraging digital solutions for transforming the quality and efficiency of dental practices

    Research Overview

    This research service explores the various technology breakthroughs transforming dentistry and the growth opportunities of the digital dental solutions. The report also provides strategic recommendations to capitalize on the growing market. Digital dentistry, the use of digital or computer-controlled dental technologies or devices for dental procedures, is finding applications in restorative, diagnostic as well as academic purposes. The digital solutions are transforming the speed, quality, and efficiency of the dental procedures. The research details the role played by the digital solutions in dentistry, the benefits and drawbacks the solutions and the emerging technologies and trends in the industry. The report also explains the various segments of the digital dental solutions, its advantages over the conventional techniques, and also covers some of the remarkable innovations in these segments. An overview of the digital dentistry industry, its drivers, and challenges are explored in detail. The current status of adoption of the digital solutions in North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Middle East, and Africa are analyzed. Growth opportunities of the intraoral scanners, 3D printers, artificial intelligence (AI)-based dental solutions and advanced visualization technologies are discussed. Strategic recommendations to succeed in the space are also put forth. In addition to the above, this research service also offers insights on the IP landscape and the key patents in the last five years.


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