• Key Growth Opportunities for US & EU Upstream Bioprocessing
    Increasing demand for consumables and single-use technologies to drive growth in upstream bioprocessing

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    The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 affected a lot of industries including the bioprocessing industry ultimately leading to delays in manufacturing and drug supply chain challenges. While the pandemic-based challenges had caused interruptions initially, since the approval of COVID-19 based vaccines and the subsequent strengthening of supply chain the industry has not only stabilized and also bounced back in a big way as the demand for bioprocessing grew to record numbers. From a biopharma product perspective, the growth of the bioprocessing industry is set to be driven by antibody therapies as they volume demand continues to grow due to entry of innovator as well as biosimilars. Within the bioprocessing industry, the single use technologies and new innovation in media and supplements are set to play an important in role as one of the primary growth drivers.

    This study highlights the drug demand trends for biologics, installed capacity for biologics, market revenue forecast of the various segments of the upstream bioprocessing market, the competitive landscape, and key growth opportunities that currently exist or are set to develop during the forecast period.


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