• Hybrid and Multi-cloud Healthcare IT Presents Huge Growth Potential
    Findings from the 2020 Frost & Sullivan global cloud user survey

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    Healthcare providers are accelerating digitization strategies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The most successful providers leverage cloud computing to meet business agility, cost savings, innovation, data storage, security, and privacy goals.

    Frost & Sullivan conducted the 2020 Global Cloud User Survey between August and September 2020 in North America—the United States, Canada; Latin America (LATAM)—Brazil, Mexico; Europe and the Middle East (EME); and Asia-Pacific (APAC). We derived insights on cloud adoption, deployment, and usage based on the healthcare/social work sample, which comprises 8.5% of the total survey sample size.

    Among the industries Frost & Sullivan polled, healthcare had the highest percentage still running IT resources on traditional data centers that had not been cloud-enabled. Healthcare organizations favor hybrid cloud deployment more than any other sector surveyed. There is an uptick in private cloud installations, public cloud usage, and legacy data center architecture decommissioning.


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