• US Healthcare Consumerism: Growth-based Business Models Revealed
    The quantified self consumer behavior and innovative business models create future growth potential

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    This research service examines the future of healthcare consumerism in the United States in terms of changing patient demographics and demands, technological advancements, digital health, shift in consumer behavior to non-traditional healthcare settings, and innovative healthcare business models.

    Healthcare consumerism is on the rise as individuals become more engaged in making health-related decisions and assert control over their medical and wellness care. This trend is likely to accelerate post-COVID-19 as consumers increasingly focus on their health. The future of the healthcare ecosystem lies in consumer-centric capabilities and services, including home and self-care, social care, daily life activities, and financing support.

    The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift in consumer behavior to non-traditional care delivery models, leading to innovation in healthcare business models such as on-demand, point-of-care, and home health services. This shift results in strong inroads for non-traditional participants in healthcare. The four big technology companies—Alphabet, Inc., Apple, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, and Amazon.com, Inc.—are expected to continue disrupting the healthcare industry with their focus on digital health and consumer-facing platforms.


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