• US Value-based Care: Growth Opportunities for Medical Device Companies
    Growth strategies alignment assessment

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    With rising healthcare expenditure and cost pressure, the payers are increasingly focusing on value-based care model. Even MedTech companies are focused on adopting the risk-sharing model to better sell their products in this evolved ecosystem. Value-based care (VBC) model aims at providing better outcome and care quality to patients in a cost-effective manner. The revenue risk and incentive for providing better value could be shared between multiple stakeholders including payers, healthcare providers, medical technology participants, and others. Currently, different models of VBC are already operational in the US and Western Europe market, such as outcome guarantee model, device-as-a-service model, and management service model.

    The study focuses on providing a detailed strategic implementation playbook for MedTech vendors to better approach the VBC requirement of different stakeholders as well as provide insights into assessment on which key technologies to prioritize in the VBC ecosystem. The study also helps the MedTech participants to understand the key expectations from VBC partners, and how to best align their capabilities to meet this requirement. Key growth opportunities for care delivery, new product development as well as strategic collaborations are provided with detailed assessment.


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