• Emerging Growth Opportunities Transforming the Global Pharmaceutical Industry
    2021 highlights and what to expect in 2022

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    The global pharmaceutical industry is witnessing dynamic trends following the coronavirus pandemic and is adapting to new challenges and opportunities. This study analyzes the 2021 highlights in the global pharmaceutical industry and provides forecasts for the next year and beyond.

    It addresses the impact of innovative modalities, technologies, and recent drug approvals, such as gene and cell therapy, monoclonal antibodies, RNA-based therapeutics, and the increasing use of health data through real-world evidence and artificial intelligence. The need to gain access to early-stage drugs and novel technologies has led to a higher rate of licensing and mergers with small biopharma that are developing the same. In addition, patient engagement has been driving digital partnerships centered around digital therapeutics, decentralized clinical trials, remote monitoring, and telemedicine.

    The study also provides critical insights into the key regulatory, reimbursement, and policy updates for 2021, ranging from health data standardization and quality regulation to direct drug pricing negotiations and biosimilars & generics encouragement.


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