• Frost Radar—Global RNA Delivery Technologies, 2021
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    The year 2018 was a breakthrough period for RNA therapeutics as the first RNA therapy received approval from the FDA. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, RNA vaccines have witnessed immense progress and acceptance globally. These events have contributed massively to growth across the RNA therapeutics market.

    Currently, several RNA therapeutics are in different stages of development, including mRNA, tRNA, siRNA, and RNAi therapies, but mostly concentrated in the early pre-clinical and clinical stages. The popularity of RNA therapeutics is demanding the need to establish efficient delivery systems that can overcome current challenges, such as early degradation of RNA therapeutic molecules, toxicity, and non-target specificity.

    This RNA Delivery Technologies, 2021 Frost Radar™ covers companies that are developing robust delivery systems for the rapidly growing RNA therapies and adopting the latest advances in nanoscience and chemically modified delivery systems. These delivery systems are critical to achieving the final results in the efficiency of RNA therapeutics.


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