• IoT Start-Up Tracker: Potential Growth Avenues in Digital Agriculture
    Need for increased productivity and resource optimization creates new growth opportunities

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    The digital agriculture industry is increasingly focused on improving productivity and driving sustainability through radical innovation and digital transformation.

    The Start-Up Tracker provides a rich database of start-up and niches players that have the capabilities to transform processes in agriculture and add value to the end-user. These companies were selected based on the Frost & Sullivan best practices database, in addition to secondary research on AgTech ecosystem mappings and rankings worldwide, such as the AgTech landscape tracker from The Mixing Bowl, the Forbes Most Innovative AgTech Startups and other regional AgTech mapping and rankings.

    A list of start-ups focused on agricultural IoT was made by region, including different segments: precision agronomics, smart animal husbandry, smart farm equipment and smart forestry.


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