• North American Mobile Asset Management Sector: Competitive Growth Opportunities Powered by Supply Chain Issues
    Increased need for asset visibility, new technologies, and go-to-market strategies drives industry growth

    Research Overview

    With supply chain issues dominating the news, Mobile Asset Management (MAM) solutions are gaining even more credibility and attention in the North American market. Each year, Frost & Sullivan examines the mobile asset management solution category, defining MAM as solutions that remotely locate, monitor, and manage moveable assets that are outside of a company’s four walls. The typical mobile asset management offering includes a wireless hardware tracking device that can be attached to the asset or packaging. Also included are multiple environmental sensors (monitoring temperature, tilt, humidity, etc.), application software, cellular data network service, and a web-based administrative portal.

    The total market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 10.2% over the study’s 2020-2026 forecast period. Revenue growth will be generated by both new and current customers as providers pursue new technologies, expand their distribution channel mix, and begin forging OEM partnerships. Both users and providers of mobile asset management solutions will want to monitor products and vendors in this category.

    All stakeholders will want to track trends, partnership opportunities, and the evolving needs revealed in Frost & Sullivan research. Current users signal that they expect their MAM requirements to expand quickly, going beyond simple asset location tracking to include richer sensor monitoring, sophisticated analyses, and more predictive and proactive planning capabilities.


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