• Evolution of Omnichannel Customer Engagement Reveals New Growth Prospects
    Digitalization accelerates in an omnichannel world – A perspective on Asia-Pacific region

    Research Overview

    2020 created a perfect storm of challenges for the contact center industry. Organizations struggled to deliver on products and services since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. During this uncertain time, it was even more important to listen and engage with customers and ensure the delivery of continued experiences. To address this, organizations had to quickly assess these new customer service realities. They sought new tools and technologies to help them more efficiently meet demand and fulfill customer requests and help create enhanced customer experiences. The concept of omnichannel in the contact center has resonated throughout the industry as organizations look at fixing bottlenecks, siloes, and breakpoints through the maturation and proliferation of contact center systems and applications. A sound omnichannel strategy ensures a consistent and seamless high-quality customer experience (CX), regardless of how and where a customer chooses to interact with an organization. It ensures that the data and context from the initial contact carry over to subsequent channels, reducing customer effort, improving the customer interaction, and enabling the business to tailor the customer journey.


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