• Oil Price Sensitivity and Macroeconomic Growth Opportunities
    Downward oil price movement bodes well for food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals production

    Research Overview

    International crude oil prices are very sensitive to developments in oil production policies, geopolitical issues, government regulations and several other factors. For improved foresight and scenario-planning capabilities, Frost & Sullivan has developed an oil price forecast model until 2025. The model is based on a comprehensive assessment of demand and supply-side price influencers, with importance and sensitivity scores assigned to these factors.

    Price forecasts have been generated under three scenarios- baseline, high, and low oil price scenario. The research entails broad-based insights on scenario impact across key countries and industries. Countries in focus include the US, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany, and India.

    Some Key Questions Answered in this Research:

    • How will oil prices evolve until 2025?

    • Which are the key demand and supply-side factors influencing oil price outlook?

    • What is Saudi Arabia’s GDP growth outlook under a high and low oil price scenario?

    • Which industries exhibit the strongest correlation with oil prices?


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