• Western European Protective Footwear: Sustainability Boosts Growth
    New product development in recyclable, anti-slip, and electrostatic discharge footwear

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    The Western European protective footwear market generated €1,737.0 million in revenue in 2020. Market demand was driven by stringent enforcement of regulatory norms and an increasing awareness of the ability of protective footwear to reduce on-the-job injuries.

    Among the 3 product segments, safety footwear accounted for 52% of revenue share in 2020. This segment will experience growth in revenue share during the forecast period 2021–2025, which will be driven by greater adoption in the construction, manufacturing, transport, and hospitality industries.

    In 2020, manufacturing, construction, and transportation accounted for 28.6%, 18.2%, and 10.6% of the revenue share, respectively. Demand for safety footwear in the oil and gas sector witnessed a decline. The major growth restraints were the temporary closure of oil fields during the peak months of COVID-19, reduced demand, and the drop in crude oil prices.


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