• Growth Opportunities and Insights for Global Food Color Ingredients
    Consumer aversion towards synthetic colors will propel new product development in natural food colors

    Research Overview

    This research service analyzes the global food color ingredients market, covering North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa (LAMEA). The study details global and regional trends and focuses on the natural and synthetic coloring ingredients used across food & beverage segments, such as bakery, dairy, confectionery, meat products, beverages, plant-based meat, and other food products. The study also provides an analysis of different natural color types, including anthocyanins, carotenoids, betanin, carmine, curcumin, paprika, caramel, and other natural colors, such as spirulina extract and chlorophyll/chlorophyllins. Rising awareness regarding the side effects of artificial colors has led to a shift in consumer preferences towards natural, clean-label ingredients. This is expected to fuel demand for natural food colors across a range of end-use industries. In addition to consumer demand, stringent regulatory and labeling requirements are driving formulators to shift from synthetic to natural color alternatives. Natural color is estimated to be the largest market in terms of revenue in 2020. The growth in demand for natural colors is expected to come from developing markets where there is still significant penetration of synthetics. The food color ingredients market is moderately consolidated, with global players holding majority shares. Companies are focusing on organic and inorganic growth strategies, with the expansion of product portfolios across geographies being a key growth strategy. Expanding the natural colors portfolio to offer a range of natural hues remains an area focus. Offering clean-label color alternatives is expected to be a significant differentiator in the industry.


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