• Future Growth Potential of Probiotic Ingredients in Human Nutrition
    Future growth potential due to consumer cognizance and new product development

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    This research service analyzes the global probiotic ingredients market, covering North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Rest of World. Global and regional trends are detailed in the study, and it focuses on probiotic ingredients used across end applications, such as functional food & beverages, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical, others (infant formula and clinical nutrition). Market participants’ approximate share by revenue is also covered.

    Immune health has been a key concern, and consumers are now prioritizing it in the light of the pandemic. Tending to digestive and gut health is a growing functional trend and a significant number of consumers, globally, are aware that probiotic ingredients play a vital role in gut health and influence superior immune health.

    Although a highly competitive market, majority of it is dominated by top manufacturers who own the probiotic strains. In addition, these big participants have made multiple mergers & acquisitions, and partnerships with peers in the industry. Ingredient manufacturers adopt forward integration by acquiring companies that manufacture finished product formulations.


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