• Emerging Opportunities Steer Growth in China's Electric two-wheeler Industry
    Future growth potential of electric two-wheeler mopeds and motorcycles

    Research Overview

    China’s two-wheeler market is highly mature, comprising domestic production, domestic sales, and import and export activities. China is also a major producer of two-wheelers in the world. In 2020, China produced 113.1 million units of two-wheelers. Of these, exports accounted for the largest proportion, 59.2%; while domestic sales accounted for 40.8% of production.

    In 2020, China produced a total of 33.9 million units of electric two-wheelers, with most of the production done by more than 100 OEMs. China’s electric two-wheelers are mainly sold domestically (95.1%), with a small amount for exports (4.9%).

    Electric two-wheelers are mainly used for short-distance commuting, and are one of the most competitive alternatives to small-displacement ICE two-wheelers. The electric two-wheeler bicycle segment leads the market, with the largest proportion of 93.1%. Low ownership barriers, such as lower cost and no driving license requirement, accelerate the development of this segment. Electric two-wheeler bicycle is the pioneer in China’s electric vehicle market, especially in the case of China’s two-wheeler motorcycle driving restriction. Overall, the electric two-wheeler market is moving toward higher technological upgrading, along the government’s specification standards, mandatory production requirements, mobile application integration, human-machine interface, and the penetration of lithium batteries. In China, electric two-wheeler bicycle market is highly mature, since its mass production in the 2000s, and has been an upgraded product of two-wheeler bicycles and motorcycles. Comparatively, electric two-wheeler moped and motorcycle market began in 2014.


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