• Sustainable Business Models and Growth Opportunities for Vehicle Connectivity
    Intelligent Mobility Event, Japan, 2021

    Research Overview

    Seamless software upgrades and new monetization streams are only some aspects of the larger idea of vehicle connectivity. As importantly, vehicle connectivity will allow stakeholders the prospect of better understanding their customer, offering them unparalleled, personalized experiences and, in a virtuous cycle, creating clear value propositions that “hook” them to connected services. For instance, car-as-a marketplace and features on demand will generate recurring revenues but only if user adoption and confidence are continually reinforced. Transforming market eco-system, revolutionising customer use-cases and overcoming challenges across upcoming regional automotive market defines the current era of ‘Connected cars’. While opportunities for vehicle connectivity abound, significant challenges also persist. This underlines the notion that improving user confidence and adoption will define the vehicle connectivity space over the next five years. This session explored the major trends that will affect vehicle connectivity, identified crucial opportunity areas, and discussed the service and software paradigms on which long-term sustainability will be predicated.


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