• New Growth Hubs for NA Aftermarket Distributors and Retailers of Medium and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles
    Private labeling, digitization, and supply chain optimization are top growth strategies

    Research Overview

    Frost & Sullivan's research service profiling key distributors and retailers in the North American medium and heavy-duty independent aftermarket benchmarks the top competitors in the industry. It analyzes and compares the key competitors across 5 main factors including: core operations, supply chain, financials, digitization, and product portfolio to understand their strengths and weakness. Furthermore, the study provides an individual profile/ breakdown of key competitors, including a highlight of their best practices and competitive advantages. The study also provides a market overview of the key trends affecting the business operations of distributors and retailers in the independent aftermarket. The North American independent aftermarket is mature, and the well-established competitors have built strong relationships and supply networks across all levels of distribution. Distributors and Retailers in the medium and heavy duty segment are focusing on implementing digitization solutions to help improve overall supply chain efficiency. Moreover, the digitization solutions will also reduce warehousing cost, improve shipping time, and enable 24/7 direct-to-customer shopping capabilities, resulting in increased revenues. The study examines the digitization solutions these key competitors offer. The study concludes with a discussion of the top 3 growth opportunities for distributors and retailers to consider as strategic focus areas and take action on in the next 5 years.


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