• Transformational Growth Strategies for Global Electric Two-wheeler OEMs
    With the global emergence of electrification, electric two-wheelers have taken a huge leap forward, leading to technological advancements and innovative business models

    Research Overview

    With the growing electrification of vehicles across the globe, there has been increased demand for electric vehicles, especially electric two-wheelers, as they are the fastest growing transport mode in most developing countries. Further, the COVID-19 situation has also forced commuters to avoid public transport and transition toward personal mobility.

    Growing government support for the implementation of electric two-wheelers through subsidies, incentives, and tax rebates has encouraged OEMs to explore the electric two-wheeler space. Further, growing investment in start-ups, charging infrastructure, and innovative business models are expected to create more lucrative opportunities for the electric two-wheeler market.

    This study assesses the growth strategies of some key electric two-wheeler OEMs and start-ups across the globe and the growth opportunities for the global electric two-wheeler industry.


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