• Frost Radar—Workshop Management Systems for Passenger Car and Light Commercial Vehicle Services in North America, 2021
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    Research Overview

    Vehicle maintenance and repair is a multibillion-dollar industry in North America. With new vehicles still in short supply during the COVID-19 pandemic, more drivers are keeping their current cars and light trucks. Proper maintenance, cosmetic care, and other services help keep them in top shape and on the road longer.

    Auto repair shops, detailers, customizers and accessory installers, and traditional service garages that have digitalized with the help of shop management systems have been able to more efficiently manage operations. Systems allow shop managers to schedule work for their employees, keep track of inventory, implement electronic vehicle inspections, and establish marketing and loyalty programs.

    Independent shops are usually small operations with only a few workers. Shop management systems free up the repair teams to concentrate on their core mission. The systems also benefit customers, who can easily compare prices and schedule service online, monitor work status, and stay in communication with the attending technician via email or text message to explain problems in more detail or approve additional work.


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