• Disruptive Technologies Propel the Growth of Aircraft Turnaround Management
    Total integration of platforms will transform ROI & margin of airport operations

    Research Overview

    Aircraft Turnaround Management (ATM) is a critical part of the aviation operational structure. ATM determines the operational success of daily tasks and minimizes or maximizes losses, depending on how well the operations are executed. In the past, this process relied entirely on airlines, with airports only providing the local infrastructure and resources when needed. The aviation industry is in a transition process where all stakeholders (airline, airports, manufacturers, information services, civil air authorities) have to come forward and embrace technology to achieve maximum air system capacity and optimize their operation by utilizing the same infrastructure without compromising safety and revenue. The key is to process data generated by various shareholders and draw insights to forecast behavioral performance, and offer early warning alerts for conflicting scenarios affecting aircraft rotations, hourly departures, and terminal passenger flows.

    Key Challenges to achieving an efficient ATM process are information sharing, information security, and information integrity. Next-generation technologies, such as big data processing, high-speed connectivity, blockchain data security, artificial intelligence, and geospatial processing technology are the key focus areas that can mitigate the challenges mentioned above and ensure faster aircraft turnaround processes. Every airport is different and has its own unique challenges. Therefore, to make the management process more efficient, stakeholders should see the big picture and be aware of the changes that can disrupt their decision making procedure in the short-to-medium term.


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