• US Commercial UAS: Key Innovations and Technologies Pave Way for Massive Growth
    Strategic partnering and new product development to propel growth

    Research Overview

    This Frost & Sullivan research service focuses on the US commercial unmanned aerial system (UAS) market. The base year for spending information is 2020, and example market participants and market size estimates for 2021 are provided. This study discusses market participants, customers, and government agencies that influence the industry.

    The various UAS platform types are outlined by their design and use segment. Also included are insights on the software and services essential to the US UAS market. In addition, market applications, growth opportunities, industry participants, technology trends, and market drivers and restraints are discussed.

    The COVID-19 pandemic response has highlighted many applications for commercial UAS. These use cases have helped the general public and the media to become more aware of the many benefits that leveraging UAS technology can bring to the commercial market. In particular, business-to-business applications and UAS delivery advantages have become well known.


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