• Innovative Growth Prospects Accelerating the Global Mechanical Seals Industry
    Future growth potential of mechanical seals due to the shift toward technology-enabled solutions

    Research Overview

    This research service examines current and emerging trends in the global mechanical seals market across several sectors. The study is based on the global mechanical seals market's end-user industries (oil & gas, chemicals, food & beverage, metals & mining, power generation, water & wastewater, and others). The study is further broken down by product type (pusher seals, non-pusher seals, and dry seals) and region. In addition, at the worldwide and end-user segment levels, this report highlights the competition structure and market share analysis of prominent competitors. In addition, the study highlights the increase in investments in IIoT products and process industries, which will drive market growth over the forecasted period. This research service offers three lucrative growth opportunities for mechanical seal OEMs to consider in the global market. Frost & Sullivan identifies these growth opportunities as critical enablers that unlock new revenue streams and deliver differentiated mechanical seals products and services.


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