• Innovative Growth Prospects in the Global Vibration Condition Monitoring Sector
    Wireless technology to ensure future growth potential of vibration analysis

    Research Overview

    Vibration condition monitoring (CM) is a method of using sensors and software tools to ensure machine health and maintain safety. Machine sensors use machine monitoring software and other parameters to measure vibration and the thermography of a machine, which offers real-time insight into the health of the machine.

    For nearly a decade, vibration condition monitoring solutions have focused on improving asset performance and reducing machine-related costs. Though investing in vibration CM equipment was initially viewed with much skepticism because of the high cost, technological advances have made vibration CM software and tools financially feasible for all levels of industrial applications. The diagnostic capabilities of CM solutions have progressed to provide predictive maintenance diagnosis at an economical price and made it affordable to enterprises of all sizes.

    This research service focuses on understanding the contribution of different equipment and service segments to the global condition monitoring market while looking at North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, and Africa.


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