• Dynamic Growth Opportunities in the Global Digital Industrial Platforms Landscape
    Industrial mega trends are digitally transforming the manufacturing landscape and creating new business paradigms

    Research Overview

    This Frost & Sullivan study was created, developed, and published to:

    • bring to the industrial ecosystem Frost & Sullivan’s understanding and comprehensive characterization of digital industrial platforms

    • define and describe market segmentation based on participants, offerings, verticals, and geographies

    • offer a high-level overview of the current size and the projected growth of the market

    • provide a complete picture of the key trends and challenges shaping the digital industrial platforms market

    • furnish detailed information regarding the dynamics and the major factors influencing market growth (drivers and restraints)

    • illustrate the competitive landscape of the market and mention the key participants in the ecosystem

    • describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on market behavior

    • offer an overview of the legal, policy, and regulatory scenario along with the main global governmental initiatives

    • analyze the growth opportunities universe in the digital industrial platforms market


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