• Growth and Evolution of the Global Pressure, Flow, Level, and Temperature Sensors and Transmitters Sector
    IoT connectivity to transform future growth potential of intelligent sensors adoption

    Research Overview

    The Big 4 sensors—pressure, flow, temperature and level—measure parameters that are most critical to both process and discrete field monitoring applications. This research service analyzes the global market for flow, level, pressure, and temperature sensors and transmitters and offers a quantitative model with revenues and forecasts for the flow, level, pressure, and temperature sensors and transmitters, and by end-user industry, region, and technology. The study describes the drivers and the restraints affecting the Big 4and provides an overview of the competitive landscape.

    The geographic scope includes North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

    O&G (upstream/midstream/downhole/subsea/refining); chemicals and petrochemicals; F&B; water and wastewater; pharmaceuticals; life sciences/medical; pulp and paper; automotive (tire pressure, fuel injection, CDRI);power generation; alternative power; utility; aerospace and military; consumers HVAC; HVAC compressor pressure; glass; metals; plastics; agriculture; instrumentation; fuel cell; R&D; semiconductors and consumer are the end-user industries covered.


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