Frost & Sullivan establishes a Research Center of Excellence (COE) for tracking 100+ commodities for a multi-billion dollar firm based out of the U.S.
The Client: Leading U.S based Manufacturing firm
Project Objectives
Results and Impact
  1. To provide the client with quarterly in-depth research and analysis on macroeconomic indicators of ten countries and prices and analysis of selected 100+ commodities
  2. Assist in creating a comprehensive newsletter material to support the client’s internal raw material, sourcing and procurement team
  3. To provide continuous key insights and recommendations specifically to address their purchasing requirements
  • The client receives in depth quarterly insights on ten selected countries to determine, which are the most suitable countries to make their respective purchases
  • The macroeconomic analysis are based on respective GDP and inflation growth, exchange rate stability, manufacturing index and political stability
  • The selected commodities are analysed from a global and selected country perspective to assist the client with their raw material procurement planning
  • Quarterly webinar presentations to the client’s global team in US, EU, China, and UK
Key Deliverables
Quarterly Newsletter

Quarterly Webinar

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