• KSA Paints and Coatings Industry: Robust Innovations Fuel Growth
    Durable waterborne and polyurethane coating technologies represent future growth potential

    Research Overview

    This study presents an assessment of the current status of and prospects for the KSA paints and coatings market. It analyzes the volume shipment and revenue generated from paints and coatings from 2017 to 2025; revenues are recorded at the manufacturer level.

    Decorative paints include interior and exterior architectural coatings used in the residential and commercial segments, such as residential buildings, commercial complexes, warehouses, public spaces, hospitals, sports complexes, and educational establishments, but do not include wood and floor coatings. The paints are analyzed based on type of formulation technology used (waterborne and solvent-borne), sales channel used (retail and projects), and area of application (interior and exterior).

    Protective coatings include metallic and nonmetallic anticorrosion coatings used in industrial applications, such as oil and gas (O&G), water treatment, power generation, infrastructure, and general industrial maintenance. This study excludes floor coatings and fire protection/intumescent coatings used in the decorative paint segment. The coatings are analyzed based on the type of chemistry used (epoxy, alkyd, polyurethane, polyester, and others) and the area of application (oil and gas, power generation, water treatment, infrastructure, and others).


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