• Plug-in Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles Aftermarket: Robust Business Models Transforming the North American Sector
    Innovative business models and transformative mega trends enhance growth potential in the PHEV/BEV aftermarket

    Research Overview

    The North American passenger vehicle industry is approaching an inflection point. The ongoing vehicle power train electrification is expected to accelerate in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as policymakers and the entire mobility ecosystem intensify their focus on the sustainability aspects of personal motoring. As passenger vehicle electrification progresses, aftermarket participants increasingly agree that the entire value chain’s revenue and profit pools will shrink due to the burgeoning plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)/battery electric vehicle (BEV) footprint in the overall light vehicle parc. Against this backdrop, Frost & Sullivan identifies business models and component categories expected to emerge as new demand pockets for incumbents and new entrants in the North American automotive aftermarket.

    For each business model discussed, apart from the opportunity and revenue estimation, the study touches on resource strategy, channel strategy, partnership strategy, key initiatives, and key cost/revenue drivers and restraints.

    For each component category, besides the regular quantitative insights, such as market size and revenue estimation, the study briefly highlights anticipated failure modes and replacement trends.


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