• Airport Digitalization—Technology Upgrades and Future Best Practices that will Boost Growth
    Big data, advanced analytics, and cloud computing help transform the technology strategy of airports

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    Global airports have faced extreme challenges in generating sustainable revenues and maintaining expenditure due to the sudden decline in passenger demand and aircraft operations caused due to the COVID-19 crisis. The sudden spread of the coronavirus, slow vaccination rates, uncertain travel regulations, declining passenger confidence, and receding economies have led to the drastic reduction in not only the number of domestic and international passengers but also the industry’s weak financial status.

    Accelerated vaccination rates, adherence to regulations set by health authorities, planned lockdown relaxations, and transparent travel policies will be the key to overall recovery of the aviation industry. Minimizing fixed costs, optimizing operational costs, ensuring an efficient and safe passenger experience, and improving employee safety and productivity will be critical as airports sustain business operations during the recovery period.

    Shifting aviation applications from legacy infrastructure to cloud infrastructure is a key digital initiative being implemented across the majority of airports worldwide. The growing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to a significant increase in data collection capabilities. These capabilities have increased the focus on cybersecurity initiatives and on maintaining the integrity of sensitive data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain will play a crucial role in not only enhancing data security, privacy, and transparency but also in adhering to data regulations. Location-based services and smartphone applications will help develop customized and highly personalized offers which can further enhance ancillary revenue.


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