• Artificial Intelligence Accelerates the Growth and Transformation of the Global Medical Imaging Industry
    Efficiency tools and workflow optimization to drive future growth potential

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    The medical imaging and informatics industry is undergoing rapid changes due to new technological developments, new partnerships, new clinical needs, introduction of new policies and regulations due to which it has become necessary for the industry participants to be constantly aware of the evolving landscape and construct a long term strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

    To help its clients address challenges in an intensely competitive environment, Frost & Sullivan has introduced the Medical Imaging and Informatics Semi-Annual Insights tracker that will monitor market factors and significant events and qualitatively assess their impact on the industry; this will cover the diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapies, and imaging informatics segments.

    The scope of this deliverable covers the following segments - competitive landscape, clinical trends, policies and regulations and event highlights.


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