• Potential Growth Opportunities for Computed Tomography
    Increased demand and purchase parameters on multivariate trends propel transformational growth

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    COVID-19 has increased the utilization of CT for management of the severe and critical illness in many parts of the globe, which resulted in a surge of procedural volumes.

    Regulatory recommendations and preventive efforts, policies, and reimbursements have successfully powered innovation for measures to alleviate radiation concerns and improve patient safety.

    The increase in demand for superior cardiac and oncology imaging has led to substantial increase in adoption of high-end CT (256 and 320 slice).

    Additionally expansion in clinical application areas of CT have helped increased the adoption rate as it offers promising return on investment for university, and hospitals with bed size over 400 in both public and private healthcare services.

    Pent-up demand for replacements of CT due to large existing installed base of less than 16 slices in emerging and developing economies purchased between 2012 and 2014 to drive growth of higher slice CT.


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