• Nanotechnology Accelerates Growth Prospects for Targeted Drug Delivery
    Nanomaterials are gaining research focus for targeted drug delivery

    Research Overview

    Targeted drug delivery is gaining traction owing toward significant demand for improvement in the drug delivery efficiency as well as the need to mitigate potential side-effects, which can occur due to drug accumulation. The concept of targeted drug delivery is not new, the technology started gaining pace with the advent of nanotechnology and biocompatible materials. Targeted drug delivery is expected to have a high impact owing to its high adoption potential and its non-interference with non-target organs.

    This research service titled, “Material Technologies Facilitating Targeted Drug Delivery,” provides an understanding of various types of emerging drug delivery materials, with specific focus on nanomaterials such as quantum dots (QDs), CNTs, nanostructured lipids, hydrogels, liposomes and dendrimers.

    This research service describes the material capabilities, advantages of the material, key participants and R&D initiatives for each material. Additionally, it also captures the funding received by each material in the span of 2015-2019 and the potential growth opportunities for drug delivery materials.


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