• Potential Growth Opportunities in the Global Biologics Contract Development and Manufacturing Landscape
    Asset co-development with clinical-stage biopharmaceutical companies and disruptive technologies present future growth potential

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    This study presents Frost & Sullivan’s overall market and segment-wise revenue forecasts of the global biologics contract development and manufacturing organizations (bio-CDMO) market. It also highlights key growth opportunities for bio-CDMO market participants based on the main evolution in their business models and strategic approaches, as well as those of the pharmaceutical sponsors. The study segments the market by product (drug substance and drug product), cell line (mammalian, microbial, and viral vectors and other modalities) and service (clinical and commercial) types. The market forecasts in this report are for 2020–2026. They capture key market developments, such as capacity expansions, mergers, acquisitions, and expanding services offerings set to impact the overall bio-CDMO market growth.


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