• Frost Radar—Indian Outdoor LED Lighting Market, 2020
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    The government’s commitment to create smarter and safer cities is transforming India. Nation-wide initiatives to replace compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) lighting with energy-efficient LED products are well underway, but the outdoor lighting segment still holds major opportunity. For instance, outdoor LED solutions can be up-scaled to function as data monitoring and collection points—an Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity feature essential to smart city operations.

    India’s infrastructural development roadmap creates room for companies to offer LED solutions that deliver a fast return on investment (RoI), affordability, energy savings, scalability, reliability, high performance, and technology adaptation, such as integration with wireless light-fidelity (Li-Fi) solutions designed to transmit data through light waves.

    Two main challenges at this juncture are the LED lighting industry’s current reliance on sub-standard imported products and the lack of an LED lighting component ecosystem. The issues are compounded by environmental factors such as high temperatures and frequent power surges that create the need for frequent product up-gradation.


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