• Novel Growth Avenues in Global Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything Testing
    ADAS and 5G deployment to enhance the future growth potential of C-V2X testing

    Research Overview

    Automotive OEMs and suppliers are investing a lot of money into the development of new technologies, V2X being one of them. V2X is an umbrella term for technologies which facilitate communication between a vehicle and another vehicle (V2V), infrastructure (V2I), or pedestrian (V2P). V2X works on either dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) or cellular networks, with the latter set to gain global traction during the forecast period. A significant portion of the C-V2X that is currently available is V2N. The most basic V2N type use case available in many vehicles is eCall. Other V2N capabilities, such as over-the-air updates and personalized marketplace, are available only in premium vehicles. As 5G matures enough to support more connected vehicle use cases, it will bring to life other non-line-of-sight use cases, such as HD maps across vehicles. Right now, a number of test beds have been deployed around the world to validate functioning V2I and V2P. What limits commercial rollout are inadequate bandwidths and latency requirements of current LTE networks available to the OEM. The communication bus technology used inside a vehicle is also a deterrent to wider implementation of V2X; the adoption of the ethernet technologies in automobiles would therefore enhance the adoption of connectivity in vehicles.

    This research covers solutions that are used to test and validate the conformance of C-V2X; key testing solutions covered include RF testing equipment, ethernet testing, and network testing. The study also provides information on the adoption of C-V2X testing across regions, most notably North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Led by China, the Asia-Pacific is a leader in this market. The region’s prominence in this market is naturally led by countries’ adoption of C-V2X. China is also on the forefront of 5G deployments; it is the first to commercially roll out a stand-alone 5G, with more than 200 million of its people already subscribed. With substantial gains already made in the area of 5G, it is only natural that the country will have a head start when deploying connected cars on the 5G network.


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