• Transformational Growth Opportunities in the Global Centrifugal Pumps Sector
    Shift toward sustainable energy and technology-enabled new business models drive future growth potential

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    There is increasing emphasis on curbing carbon emissions and moving toward sustainable industrial practices worldwide. Governments, organizations, and end users are evaluating different ways to reduce emissions, with the energy sector focusing on green strategies to drive the next decade of innovation. As the COVID-19 pandemic causes severe uncertainties, volatility, and complexity, and organizations look to cut operational costs and preserve bottom lines, digital transformation has become a sought-after aspect of sustaining performance. This study’s focus is to assess the impact of trends and challenges that influence the growth outlook for pump manufacturers in the next seven years.

    Frost & Sullivan analyzes various trends—including product, economic, technological, regulatory, and political factors that positively and negatively impact the centrifugal pump market—and offers an in-depth analysis of each region. This research includes an assessment of centrifugal pump sales across various industry verticals in the global market.

    We provide a competitive assessment of the global centrifugal pumps market, including competitive landscape, heat map, and outlook. This research offers several growth opportunities for pump manufacturers to consider and embraces a specific methodology that includes discussions with the senior management of centrifugal pump manufacturers, with additional support from secondary research.


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