• Growth Opportunities and Insights Transforming Latin America in the Post-pandemic World
    IT/Telecom buyers’ perspective on communications and collaboration investment priorities

    Research Overview

    This study provides the data collected through an online survey of 468 IT and telecom decision-makers across several customer size segments and diverse industries in Latin America. The survey was conducted during November and December of 2020. Respondents were qualified as follows:

    • IT/telecom decision-maker in organizations with 10+ employees

    • Having knowledge of communications and collaboration services

    The overall research objective is to measure the current use and future decision-making behavior toward communications and collaboration solutions across industry verticals, customer segments, and, job roles in Latin America. More specifically, this study provides data on adoption drivers and restraints, deployment plans, perceived benefits and concerns, and allocated budgets with regard to the following technologies and tools: enterprise telephony, video conferencing, team collaboration, instant messaging and presence, and other transformative technologies.


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