• Novel Growth Avenues in the Asia-Pacific Private Cellular Networks Sector
    Disruptive technologies and competitive intensity driving future growth potential

    Research Overview

    The private cellular network market in the Asia-Pacific provides unique growth opportunities driven by the robust ecosystem of collaboration and availability of spectrum. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digital transformation for industries and driven remote and virtual enablement making reliable connectivity more critical than ever. Private cellular networks can address enterprises’ on-premise connectivity needs by tailoring the network to enable capabilities and use cases that are difficult to achieve with traditional wired or wireless network solutions. Local governments in the Asia-Pacific have implemented initiatives to liberalize the spectrum and standardize private cellular networks for industrial use. This has resulted in higher competition in the market and increased availability of innovative business models for private cellular network deployments. However, enterprises still lack the experience and expertise required to build, operate, and manage private cellular networks. Key market participants are strategically building partnerships as ecosystem collaboration is critical to ensure success in this market.


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