• Emerging Growth Opportunities in the Singaporean Data Center Colocation Services Sector
    Hyperscale demand will drive the growth pipeline for the data center colocation market

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    Singapore is a leading data center colocation services market in the Asia-Pacific region. With increasing digital transformation, favorable government policies, and a business-friendly market, the market is expected to maintain robust growth. Enterprises are shifting their focus toward disruptive technologies and 5G implementations to boost colocation demand, ultimately stimulating the need for hyperscale colocation services. Singapore’s strong connectivity infrastructure and high internet penetration enhance its attractiveness as a data center hub in Asia-Pacific. The global cloud vendors strengthening their infrastructure and availability in Singapore are Alibaba, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. Despite the enormous growth opportunities, the market does face several restraints, such as the dearth of real estate availability, power supply challenges for data center providers, and rising competition from other data center locations in Southeast Asia.


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