• Innovative Technologies Driving the Growth of the Scandinavian PPE Sector
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    Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required at work sites with any type of physical, electrical, heat, or chemical hazard. PPE of 7 major categories (above-the-neck protection, respiratory protection, hand protection, protective clothing, foot protection, fall protection, and gas detection) protects a user against workplace injuries and illnesses.

    This research presents an assessment of the current status and future prospects of Scandinavian PPE market. Scandinavia in many definitions includes Sweden, Denmark, and Norway; Frost & Sullivan in this project added Finland, which is part of the larger Nordic region. The study period is 2017 to 2025, with a base year of 2020. It includes a breakdown of industrial sector employment numbers for each country in 2020.

    The healthcare industry is excluded from this project: Frost & Sullivan has done a separate study that considers the COVID-19 pandemic’s major impact and implications on healthcare. End-use industries considered here include construction, utilities, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and firefighting.


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