• Frost Radar—Economic Development, 2021
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    The Frost RadarTM for Economic Development determines a region's future growth and development potential measured by its ability to enhance quality of life (QOL) for its citizens. This report explores key strengths and weaknesses of the global economy through country-level assessments of growth and innovation initiatives and then benchmarks each country on these 2 indices.

    The global economy is gradually recovering from the pandemic in 2021 led by rebound manufacturing activity, timely fiscal stimulus measures, and recovery in commodity and oil prices although the pace of recovery remains uneven across regions. The Frost RadarTM for Economic Development: Global, 2021 diagnoses the significant challenges to the global growth environment, including elevated inflation and debt levels among others. Moreover, by measuring performance against the major sub-pillars of the Innovation in Education, Healthcare, Environment, Infrastructure, Human Rights, and Security, the Frost Radar offers broad-based insights into the global economic pulse and identifies key drivers underpinning the global growth momentum such as boost to fiscal spending and green investments.

    In this research, Frost & Sullivan indexes the top 10 economies world-wide to determine what makes them the global leaders. The Radar is intended to empower governments, policy-makers, investors, and businesses to identify strategic imperatives for future growth.


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